Directional antennas for 50 MHz, 144 MHz, 1296 MHz and an omnidirectional antenna for 144 / 432 /1296 MHz
The little dish is used for the reception of the ATV-Repeater DB0HAU on 10.2 GHz

Shortwave (HF) antenna

QRV in SSB, digimodes and SSTV on shortwave and VHF (50 and 144 MHz), ATV on 1280 MHz
and FM on 144, 430 and 1296 MHz

My workplace for electronics

CQ DX...

Historic teleprinter "Siemens T100", for amateur radio reconstructed "Western Union Desk Fax"
and my grandfathers phone "W48"

Also historic: More than 30 years old but running!

A Kenwood TR-2200G was my first radio in 1974


My Website about voyages to Norway, Spitzbergen and Greenland (German text with a lot of pictures)

Our local radio club DARC OV Frankfurt/West - F49

Contest Group Wittgenborn - DP6T


Klaus-Dieter Friedrich - Wickenweg 65 - 60433 Frankfurt/Main - Tel. +49 69 5485456 - Fax +49 69 546667